Our Products

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Material for bubble shield method
Special foaming agentOK-1 , OK-1P
Environment-friendly foaming agentKankyo-8 , Kankyo-8R
Defoamer FT-01 , OK-01 , OK-02L
Geiatinized Rheological Foam shield Tunneling method
Material for pressurized mud shield method
MG-5(Excavated soil classification
KT-GEL・H(Method pressurized mud material hardens)
NJ Power
Material for muddy water shield
  KT-GEL , Various clay , Various bentonite , Various CMC
Back-filling injection material
Surplus soil insolubilizationSolidification
  Arsenic guard , MAZEL
Other construction material
 Water treatment agent , Foundation work for various materials

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